Psycnet primarily operates in the greater Sydney Metropolitan area. We also provide Telehealth as well as link directly to other professionals nationally and internationally. Our psychologists provide counselling (individual, couple and group), trauma response, forensic and corporate psychology, mediation, conflict management, stress management, executive coaching and more.

Past and current clients include law enforcement agencies, emergency services, private industry, government departments and not-for-profit organisations. We also provide specialist counselling services to the arts community, the legal profession, journalists, teachers, actors and the music industry.

Our team is large enough to offer comprehensive, on-site trauma response services, but small enough to allow clients direct access to management and choice of counsellor, so that rapport can build easily. We accept Medicare referrals from GPs and work closely with them. We also assist companies' management and staff through a comprehensive range of Employee Assistance Programs. We pride ourselves on our broad reach and uniquely personal approach.


Best psychological practice is at the heart of the Psycnet approach.

We offer psychotherapy and counselling services that include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance-commitment and mindfulness-based therapies; group workshops, seminars and corporate training.

Therapists utilise a suite of CBT and psychodynamic approaches. Their expertise in specialised modalities provides evidence-based treatment for phobias, anxiety-related conditions, life-transition issues, PTSD, depression and interpersonal conflict.


Risk assessment, critical incident management, trauma debriefing and counselling for anxiety and depression are all available through our corporate services.

'Manager-Assist' and executive coaching is available to senior managers to support them in dealing with critical incidents or other challenging situations in the workplace.

Our 1300 46 6463 trauma hotline is accessible for contracted companies 24/7.

Our clients include banks (CBA, ANZ, NAB, Investec); emergency services (police, fire, ambulance, SES, corporate security); CBD jewellery stores; licensed premises; cinemas; major hotel chains (Westin, Hilton); national trucking companies and many others.


Psycnet employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide counselling for staff members and their families who are experiencing personal or work-related difficulties. We offer face-to-face, telephone and online counselling.

With experience in private industry, the government sector and the emergency services, our excellent reputation lies in researching and tailoring programs to an organisation's specific cultural requirements. Our focus is in identifying opportunities and evaluating and implementing a variety of psychological and behavioural interventions.

Psycnet consultants inspire managers to achieve the focus, self-awareness and consistency required to lead robust, resilient workplace teams. Our training modules aim to facilitate a manager's insight and vision, compassion and self-assertiveness.

A Psycnet EAP has proven, time and again, to be a worthwhile human and commercial investment that pays for itself many times over. It achieves this by:

  • fostering increased workplace morale
  • partnering the organisation to model a forward-thinking and receptive management culture
  • early diagnosis and treatment of staff mental health issues
  • teaching staff and managers how to recognise and act upon 'early warning signs'
  • early referral for appropriate follow-up treatment where necessary
  • achieving dramatic decrease in staff turnover, workers compensation claims, absenteeism and 'presenteeism'
  • a consequential decrease in post-claim insurance premium hikes


Psycnet consultants have expert training in all areas of mediation and conflict resolution.

Our family law mediation program is a Sydney first, combining the skills of clinical psychologists and family law mediators to help resolve interpersonal conflicts before they escalate into expensive family court proceedings. This reduces the huge financial burden of litigation as well as facilitating family members' emotional healing.

Each program can also be tailored for family, relationship or workplace conflicts. Ours is a results-based methodology with a well-documented record of success.

Psychology, Music & the Law

Psycnet consultants enjoy working with musicians, artists and other creatives. We understand many of the challenges involved in making art for a living. Psycnet has assisted thousands of people to discover methods for managing and resolving creative blocks and, through that process, help them realise their artistic vision.

Dr David Goldman also specialises in working with barristers and other legal professionals. He understands how lawyers' particular work pressures may lead to accumulative anxiety, substance dependency and depression.

David, also a musician, has successfully offered music-based stress management programs to the legal industry and the NSW emergency services, as well as other government agencies and private industry. These programs have assisted those suffering from PTSD and other stress-related health conditions.

David's PhD research focussed on composing ambient music to facilitate creativity and 'reverie' within the psychotherapy process. 'Musical atmospheres' can be designed to help enrich the therapy experience, so that deeper emotional states can be accessed.

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