Welcome To Psycnet Psychology Consultants

Welcome To Psycnet Psychology Consultants

Ph: 1300 IN MIND (1300 466 463)

We are highly trained, professionally aware, and value EQ even more highly than IQ. And we highly value IQ.

We are Clinical, Forensic, and Organisational Psychologists. We love and live our work. We enjoy working with people. Psychotherapy is creative, rewarding work that is socially worthy. If you choose us for your therapy experience, we understand and respect your huge decision and will do our utmost to meet your hopes and expectations.

We specialise in the assessment and treatment of people and their difficulties, not psychological disorders. We also specialise in workplace trauma interventions, mediation and psychotherapy for individuals and groups.



For over 20 years, Psycnet has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life through a professional and creative approach to psychological services and treatment. The consultancy enjoys a unique position among service providers. We seek to maintain our outstanding reputation in Sydney's eastern suburbs and beyond. Our treatment programs for anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and workplace stress are covered by Medicare and most private health funds.

Our Professional Team

Each Psycnet consultant is a clinical or organisational psychologist with at least eight years of industry and clinical experience. Psycnet has earned the confidence of local GPs, school counsellors, medical specialists, and community organisations.

We maintain professional standards of the highest calibre. Psycnet consultants all hold current registration with their professional bodies and are full members of the Australian Psychological Society.


Psycnet offers a range of services throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area and beyond. We are also able to link directly to psychotherapists across New South Wales and Australia. Our psychologists provide counselling, trauma response, forensic and corporate psychology, mediation, conflict management, stress management, executive coaching and much more.

We consult to law enforcement agencies, emergency services, private industry, government departments and not-for-profit organisations. We also provide specialist psychology services to the arts community, the legal profession, broadcasters and the music industry.

Our team is large enough to offer comprehensive services and a variety of expert practitioners to organisations, but small enough to be accessible to local, self-referred clients. We assist GPs in the management of their patients and organisational executives in the management of their staff through our uniquely personal approach.

We are committed to 24/7 on-call and guarantee that the benefits client organisations derive through contracting to Psycnet will be cost-effective, lasting, highly professional and results-driven.



Best psychological practice is at the heart of the Psycnet ethos.

We offer a range of psychotherapy and counselling services that includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance-commitment and mindfulness-based therapies; group workshops, seminars and corporate training.

Therapists are trained to utilise both CBT and psychodynamic therapies. Their expertise in various specialised modalities provides effective treatment for phobias, anxiety-related conditions, PTSD, depression and interpersonal conflict.


Risk assessment, critical incident management, trauma debriefing and counselling are all available via our corporate services.

Manager-assist and executive coaching are available to senior and middle managers to help them deal with critical incidents or other traumatic situations that occur in the workplace.

Our 1300 trauma response hotline (1300 IN MIND) is available 24 hours, seven days per week.

We service contracts for major banks, video store chains, emergency services (police, fire, ambulance, SES, corporate security), jewellery stores, licensed premises, cinemas, CBD hotel chains, national trucking companies and many others.


Psycnet employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide a professional counselling service for staff members and their families who are experiencing personal or work related difficulties. We offer face-to-face, telephone and online counselling.

With experience in private industry, the government sector and the emergency services, our expertise is in structuring a program best suited to your organisation's particular needs. Our strength is in identifying areas that require intervention, and implementing ongoing, effective programs.

Psycnet consultants train participants to achieve strength and consistency in leadership as well as trust and resilience in workplace teams. To facilitate understanding and articulated vision in middle and upper management, we teach strategies such as the courage to act decisively, with compassion, empathy and focus when assisting individuals who are not performing at their best, or are affected by trauma.

We are experienced in tailoring programs best suited to your company's culture. Our strength is in identifying areas that require intervention and then implementing powerfully effective programs that comprise a wide range of workshops, seminars and mentoring services.


Psycnet consultants have expert training in all areas of mediation and conflict resolution.

Our mediation program is an Australian first, combining the skills of clinical psychologists and family lawyers to help resolve interpersonal conflicts and family law disputes. This process reduces the huge financial cost of litigation as well as promoting emotional healing.

Each program can also be tailored for family, relationship or workplace conflicts. Ours is a results-based methodology with a strong history of success that facilitates real and permanent change.

Psychology & The Arts

Clinical psychologist and Psycnet principal David Goldman, himself an accomplished musician, has worked extensively with actors, performers, visual artists and musicians in the role of enhancing their creative abilities and resolving emotional blocks. Also, he works closely with barristers and solicitors whose public performance under extreme pressure can present particular concerns and anxieties.

David has successfully completed relaxation CDs commissioned by the New South Wales Police Force and the New South Wales Ambulance Service. These therapeutic CDs provide music and script specifically designed for use with emergency services personnel in the treatment of post-traumatic stress as well as in preventative health.

The CDs have been widely circulated allowing thousands of staff to manage their work-related stress and trauma so as to perform at their best in the course of their duties and their personal lives.

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