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The Psycnet psychology practice is located at Edgecliff Mews, two kilometres east of Sydney's CBD. The offices are designed around a central garden, providing sanctuary and quiet.

The therapy space itself is private and aesthetic, with a light, modern ambience.

All Psycnet consultants are highly qualified, experienced and empathic.

Sessions are delivered face-to-face or via Telehealth.

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Psycnet provides therapy for adults and couples. We also provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to organisations. Sessions are offered in-person or via Telehealth, with Zoom sessions a practical option, especially during COVID-19. Care is taken to create a therapeutic space which is welcoming and user-friendly, including for Telehealth sessions.

Psycnet therapists are all registered members of their respective professional bodies. Each practitioner has many years of clinical and organisational experience. We are passionate, dedicated and focussed.

Psycnet therapists come from diverse academic backgrounds: clinical and organisational psychology, psychotherapy, social work, forensics, couples therapy and AOD counselling.

Psychotherapy can be a creative and rewarding process. It is always collaborative. Our therapists recognise and adapt to new ideas and social change. We aim to be flexible and reliable – and consider that no problem is insurmountable or insignificant.

Embarking on a psychotherapy experience is difficult and momentous. Be assured that our therapists are compassionate professionals who have had years of life experience and are also up to date with current psychological research.

At Psycnet we always aim to make therapy safe, engaging and illuminating.

How long your therapy might last is an open question, but we will always offer our thoughts. Perhaps a few weeks or months, or longer still – everything is up for discussion.

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For EAP clients, your employer offers you around three sessions per year, at no cost. Sessions are confidential and focus on assessment and management of acute issues, either work-related or personal.

Once these sessions are completed, you may be able to continue with your EAP therapist under Medicare (with a GP Mental Health Care Plan) or be referred to a psychologist in your area for further assessment and support.

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