For over 25 years, Psycnet has provided individual and group psychotherapy, couples counselling, Employee Assistance Programs and organisational interventions. Psycnet clients benefit from our respectful and creative approach to psychological services and treatment. We are proud of our reputation for professionalism and value among service providers.

Our reach extends way beyond Sydney's eastern suburbs. Through Zoom and other online platforms, our clients are now located all around the world. As technology continues to improve, geographical distances that were once prohibitive are now effortless. Not only that, the 'atmosphere' and privacy of a therapy session can be conscientiously maintained.

Our face-to-face treatment programs for anxiety, depression, grief and trauma are covered by Medicare, with a current GP plan, for up to 20 sessions. Private health funds offer cover as well.

Telehealth COVID-19 item numbers will be available throughout 2021, and likely beyond.

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