Psycnet Psychology Consultants - Sydney - David Goldman - Profile ImageDr David Goldman is Psycnet's principal clinical psychologist and founder. He has practised at Edgecliff for over 25 years. David is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, EAP provider/manager, supervisor and trainer. He has worked as a forensic psychologist with the NSW Police and as a prison psychologist at Long Bay Gaol. He was Head Psychologist at St John of God Hospital and later at Sydney Private Clinic. In his role as a police psychologist, David assisted in the psychological management of major critical incidents such as the Port Arthur massacre, Thredbo landslide, Lindt Café siege and many others. David is also a musician, whose PhD research brought together theories of psychoanalytic treatment, music composition and the design of the physical therapy setting.

Psycnet Psychology Consultants - Sydney - Deborah Edwards - Profile ImageDeborah Edwards has worked in mental health for over 20 years. Her expertise is in short-term EAP interventions, working with individuals who experience workplace stress, self-esteem issues, trauma, depression, addictions and anxiety. Deb’s therapeutic lens is person-centred and humanistic. She uses a variety modalities including CBT, mindfulness meditation and solution-focused therapy to assist with a range of behavioural and mental health challenges.

Psycnet Psychology Consultants - Sydney - David Mutton - Profile ImageDavid Mutton has 40 years’ experience as a psychologist. As the chief police psychologist during the 1990s, he was instrumental in setting up critical incident and PTSD support services for police officers and support staff. Following his years with the police, he embarked on an academic career whilst still maintaining a clinical practice. He taught mainly clinical and forensic psychology at Western Sydney University, as well as being a clinical supervisor. David's main areas of interest are stress and anxiety management, LGBTQIA+ issues and short-term, solutions-focused counselling.

Psycnet Psychology Consultants – Sydney – Jennifer Kensey - Profile ImageJennifer Kensey has more than 30 years’ experience in addictions counselling, psychotherapy, trauma counselling and workplace training. Her special expertise is in trauma counselling and critical incident stress, having spent 13 years with the NSW Police, where she conducted debriefings and counselling after major critical incidents. More recently, she provided post-trauma counselling to affected staff and families following Sydney’s Lindt Cafe siege. She also has a special interest in bereavement and grief counselling.

Psycnet Psychology Consultants – Sydney – Le Hoang - Profile ImageLe Hoang specialises in relationship therapy (individuals and couples) which she has done for over 20 years. Clients with relationship issues (in personal and work settings) mostly want to look to conflict resolution, enhancing communication, better listening, intimate connection, trust and respect. In addition to relationship counselling, Le works with clients to address a range of concerns including self-esteem, depression, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, anger management, and cross-cultural issues. Le speaks fluent Vietnamese.

Psycnet Psychology Consultants – Sydney – Libby McLean - Profile ImageLibby McLean has over 10 years’ experience working in neurological rehabilitation and in mental health. She’s worked in hospitals, in community rehabilitation, and as an EAP consultant for a large international organisation. Libby has spent the last seven years living and working in London and Dubai, increasing her clinical skills across cultures. Libby has an engaging, professional style and prides herself in connecting well with clients. She has been trained in solutions-focused and acceptance-commitment (ACT) therapies. Libby practises and teaches mindfulness meditation and is also a trained executive coach.

Psycnet Psychology Consultants - Sydney - Jacqui Smith - Profile ImageJacqui Smith has worked as a counsellor in both NGOs and in private practice, assisting clients with anxiety, relationship issues, grief and loss as well as workplace issues. She has over 10 years’ experience working in health and wellbeing and is passionate about all facets of mental health and personal growth. She believes in the power of the therapeutic alliance to facilitate change. Her training (BA Hons in Social Psychology) informs her solution-focused EAP consulting and her psychosocial support for NDIS clients. Through her work as a counsellor, Jacqui is also familiar with the racing industry and community disability networks.

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